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House Passes Bill to Expand Chiropractic Care to All Major VA Medical Centers

News Flash……May 24, 2010

House Passes Bill to Expand Chiropractic Care to All Major VA Medical Centers


An Apple A Day

I asked my 9-year old what  the topic of my first wordpress blog to my patients should be.  He smiled a quirky little smile and said, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but that would be bad because then you wouldn’t have any patients and you would get poor, so, don’t eat apples”.  Ah, the darnedest things, from the mouths of babes!

The reality, however, is that the healthier my patients can stay on their own, the less complicated my job becomes.  Patients who eat healthful foods and employ an active, healthy lifestyle tend to have less generalized aches and pains and more specific and readily identifiable conditions.  They develop many fewer chronic conditions that are ‘incurable’ or permanent.  Patients that are inundated with the chemicals from food, drug, or environmental sources invariably exhibit a more complicated health and disease picture.

The purpose of this blog will be to share some of the tidbits of health knowledge that I am exposed to either from current research or passed on from patients to me.  Our patients teach us as much as we teach them!

I hope you enjoy this information and are able to put it into your ‘practice’ today!

Oh, and back to that apple.  Most people understand that apples and all fruits and vegetables are healthful.  Some understand it has to do with their antioxidant properties, and these antioxidants protect against free radical damage, which is known to contribute strongly to aging, cancer and heart disease.  Lesser known is the fact that the antioxidant quercitin, which is found most plentifully in apples, but also onions, tea, blueberries and cranberries may also help fend off the cognitive decline of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s!  Quercitin has strong neuroprotective properties and was recently found to fend off brain damage in rats in a study by food scientist Chang Y. Lee.

An apple a day may even help keep the neurologist away!